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Here at Eighty-Eight Barbershop, we provide quality grooming services with integrity and passion. We established in 2017 with only two barbers at the time, and have tripled in size since then. All of our barbers are licensed and motivated individuals. We make sure to deliver on our promise to make your hair look groomed and fresh!

"Good looks bring good luck!"





I am Carlos Taques, also known as C-Lo, and I am the CEO and founder of 88 Barbershop. I am a professional barber since 2010 but have been cutting hair since the age of 12. Barbering is my entire life, but when I'm not at the shop, I'm simply dad. I am a father of three beautiful children who inspire me to be the best that I can be, and alongside in this journey of mine is my most-amazing partner that I could ever ask for! When it comes to barbering, I am a barber by its true definition. I eat, sleep, and breathe barbering and plan on one day to leave my mark in the barber industry forever! Like I always say: "Good Looks Bring Good Luck!"



What's going on! My name is Erick, but everyone knows me as Bam and I'm the co-owner here at 88 Barbershop, my home away from home! A little about myself: my top hobbies are cars and sneakers. I grew up around sneaker-heads and car people my whole life. It's funny because that eventually led to me discovering my love for barbering. I have been cutting hair since I was a teenager and ever since I picked up that clipper, I never wanted to put them down! For many, this may seem like just a job, but for me, it is way more than that. The art of barbering feels more like a hobby for me since every time I cut hair it never seems like I'm at work. Like they always say: "find something you to do and you will never have to work a day in your life!"




What's up! I'm Brandon or B-Rep as most like to call me. I'm a professional barber at 88 Barbershop and have been cutting hair for numerous years, but officially in a shop since January 8th, 2018. My favorite hobbies aside from barbering are gaming/live-streaming, and working on my car. I want to achieve a lot in my career as a barber and hope to one day leave my mark in this industry as one of the greats! My passion for barbering parallels with a passion for wanting to mentor up and coming barbers and assist them in their journey to career success.



I consider myself a huge sneakerhead, love cars, and I love my city of Chicago. I am passionate about barbering and the satisfaction my clients get after a fresh cut and that is what pushes me to always better my craft. For me cutting hair is not only about the experience but also the quality of the cut.




Hey! My name is Sary. I am a certified and licensed barber from Puerto Rico and have been working at 88 Barbershop since 2018. I have around 25 years of experience in barbering and take pride in perfecting my craft while learning new skills. I always want to make sure that I am providing the best experience to my clients by staying up to date with trends and providing fresh haircuts. Aside from barbering, I enjoy eating out with family, visiting new places, and watching my favorite TV shows. For me, the family is always first. I am passionate about working towards building strong personal connections with my clients and always assure a smile on their face. My goal is to be the best female barber in the state of Illinois!



What up! My name is Javier, but I preferably go by Chino. A little bit about me, I graduated from Mario Tricocci University back in 2018 and began my career at Salon Bliss later that year. From thereafter, I moved on to work at 88 Barbershop in July of 2019. I'm a Chicago native, born and raised! I always had an interest in the barber game growing up, as well as other interests such as sneakers, and video games. A unique thing about me is that I love motivating and pushing people to do and be better. I like to be a positive influence in everyone's life! I love my career as a barber and giving everyone fresh clean cuts is why I love what I do.




Hey! My name is Tony. I was born and raised in Lake County, Illinois. I have been barbering since 2018, servicing my hometown at 88 Barbershop. For me, barbering is my passion because I love cutting hair. Aside from barbering, I love playing and watching basketball, playing video games, and watching movies in my spare time. In all honesty, I never thought I would be cutting hair growing up, but over the years, I have developed a love and passion for it. My goal is to one day own my studio for barbering and hopefully become a barber instructor and teach the next up and coming barbers.



What's up, everyone! My name is Joey, but you can call me Joe. I joined the 88 Barbershop team in 2020, but have been cutting hair since 2017. I like to service my clients with a razor line-up and dye enhancements for hair, beard, and eyebrows if requested when booking. I also provide a black mask service! As far as my hobbies, I am a big sports fanatic, but love soccer the most. My favorite soccer team is Liverpool. I consider myself a Chicago baseball fan so that means I like both teams, but if the Sox and the Cubs face-off, I prefer the Cubs over the Sox! In my free time, I also love spending family time since they are a huge part of my life. For me, barbering is such a big part of culture where you get to be part of a community and meet so many walks of life. From young barbers to OG barbers and everyone passing wisdom and knowledge. I strive to grow as a person from the barbers around me at 88 and from my clients too.




What's up, everyone! My name is Johnny, but you can call me JC! A little about me so you get to know me better: I love barbering and have been cutting hair for years now and love it as my passion! For me, barbering is everything, and the satisfaction I get from seeing the spark of confidence my haircuts give to my clients is truly fulfilling. Other than barbering, I also enjoy other hobbies such as video games, cars, and editing videos of my content for all to enjoy! 


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